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Upstanding Citizen

How much of your life is spent sitting at a desk? “Upstanding Citizen” recognizes people who don’t take life sitting down — people like Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Jefferson, Johannes Brahms, Virgina Woolf, and Vladimir Nobokov.

To be featured, send one or more good pictures of you and your standing desk (or treadmill desk, cycling desk, etc.). Include some background: your experience with standing at work, what brand/product you use or how you made it, and any interesting anecdotes. There’s not space to feature every submission, so take a good picture and highlight a unique angle or anecdote. Send to

1. Danny – Build your own standing desk on the cheap
2. James Murdoch
3. Mountain bulldozed by bureaucratic machine
4. Donald Rumsfeld
5. How to be more confident on the phone
6. South Beach
7. The Fox
8. Standing Up Down Under
9. Allison from CrossFit NYC
10. Geologist at a Canadian mine
11 & 12. Iowa State Cyclones Football
13. Revenge of the Co-Workers
14. Dwight Schrute from the Office (Rainn Wilson)
15. Dan Young and the Cycling Desk